What do we stand for?

<aside> 💡 Securing the world’s enterprise data.



What do we aim?

<aside> 🚀 Building a DataOS for modern companies.


Why Formal exists

Formal exists because we recognize the immense value of data as a catalyst for growth and innovation within enterprises. However, we also understand the challenges and tensions that arise between convenience and security in today's data landscape. Our purpose is to bridge this gap, ensuring that data remains an asset and not a liability for businesses. By solving the inherent tension between convenience and security, we empower organizations to fully harness the potential of their data and drive transformative outcomes.

Why now is a great time to build Formal

The current state of the enterprise data stack is riddled with vulnerabilities and fragmented point solutions. Existing approaches are outdated, hindering teams from building effective and realistic data security strategies. Collaboration is lacking, impeding the way modern organizations operate. Moreover, the absence of observability leads to poor risk assessment and threat identification. With data dislocated and siloed across multiple tools, implementing unified policies across the entire data stack becomes a daunting task. These challenges make it clear that now is the opportune time to revolutionize the way companies perceive and utilize data.

What would be our impact

Our vision is for enterprises to embrace Formal's DataOS as an indispensable tool, unlocking unparalleled success. We envision a world where businesses can confidently trust in the security, scalability, and collaborative nature of their data infrastructure. By providing a comprehensive and reliable solution, we empower organizations to transform their data into strategic assets that drive growth, foster innovation, and cultivate sustained excellence. Through our technology, businesses will achieve a higher level of operational efficiency, make informed decisions, and propel themselves ahead of the competition. Together, we will shape a future where data is leveraged as a transformative force, driving success and pushing the boundaries of what enterprises can achieve.