Our team is partly remote with our home base in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Formal was born out of Mokhtar's experience as a founder and software engineer. He identified a missing piece in the data stack—the governance layer—and embarked on building Formal a year ago.


We are a small team of hyperachievers, driven by our ambition to reshape the data industry from the ground up. At Formal, we believe in building a compound startup that's built to last.

Why Join Us:

We are committed to remaining a small team of hackers, and now is the perfect time to join us. As a well-funded startup, we are experiencing rapid growth and tackling complex problems. We're just getting started and are determined to build an iconic product and company that revolutionizes the data industry, ensuring companies can safeguard their data at any point in time.

Joining our team means joining a group of individuals who are not afraid to think differently, challenge conventions, and work tirelessly to achieve our collective vision. Together, we believe in creating a future where data governance is reimagined, empowering organizations to safeguard their data and unlock its full potential.

Join us at Formal and be part of our exciting journey as we challenge the status quo and make a lasting impact.