What do we stand for?

Our principles at Formal

  1. Customer centricity We prioritize our customers above everything else, striving to provide them with exceptional service and satisfaction. We don’t satisfy customer needs — we exceed them.
  2. Embrace the process We recognize the challenges of building a company and embrace the journey, remaining resilient and committed to achieving our goals.
  3. Less is more We believe in finding beauty in simplicity and making complex tasks appear effortless through streamlined solutions.
  4. Independent research We encourage a proactive approach to problem-solving, fostering a culture of personal research before seeking assistance.
  5. Work hard & have fun We take our work very seriously but we bring positive and optimistic energy to every interaction and help our teammates.
  6. Ownership Each team member takes ownership of their responsibilities and is accountable for their actions, driving excellence and commitment. ****We understand that making mistakes is a natural part of growth; but we emphasize the importance of learning from them to avoid repeating them
  7. Move fast As a team of high-performing individuals, we prioritize swift and efficient execution, enabling us to deliver exceptional results and exceed customer expectations
  8. Honesty & transparency We value honesty and transparency in every interaction that we have, fostering trust and open communication within our team and with our customers.